About Me

Yes, my name really is Julie.  I am an engineer by degree and I live in suburbia.  I have two boyz with autism.  I am lucky enough to be a SAHM which might drive me crazy at times, but has still got to be better than working full time and dealing with the boyz.

OK, my last name isn't really Sparks, but after having some guy I didn't know call me several years ago after posting on an online bulletin board under my real name I got a little creeped out and decided to not use my real last name on the blog.

I am pro-Awareness, pro-Acceptance AND pro-Cure simply because I don't think what works for one automatically works for all.

I love to read, build miniatures, take pictures and scrapbook, and hang out with my dear hubby and my boyz. I have a brown thumb and I hate to exercise.

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